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We thank all those who have helped us change the lives of children and adults through their donations.


The Nineveh Project is a Grace Project that was founded in response to the growing menace of HIV/AIDS among the Nigerian populace. At the time of its inception in 2003, many Nigerians were still living either in total ignorance of the situation or in stack denial of its prevalence around them. This led largely to the alarming rate of infection that ensued and was running out of hand, especially in the metropolitan cities and was worst of all along the major national roads and their satellite villages and towns.

A lot has been done since then by various agencies, both governmental and non-governmental, as well as national and international, to rein-in this huge information deficiency, yet most of these efforts are carried out in the big cities, almost completely leaving out most rural dwellers who are entirely in the dark over the situation and the realities of its transmission and most of all, the management of those already affected by HIV/AIDS.

Many PLWHIV (People Living With HIV) are still bitterly discriminated against, marginalized and in some cases literally ostracized from their community; some medical doctors in private clinics, would not dare touch people who tested positive to HIV, not even accident victims at the point of death, but would rather refer them to a government hospital which may not be anywhere within reach.

The Nineveh Project was born to address the growing need for community awareness and assistance to PLWHIV around the 9th Mile Corner Area of Enugu state of Nigeria, and its satellite community. Since its birth, it has been growing fast and extending its coverage nationally and internationally.

9th Miles is a very popular gateway town and a confluence of Major National Trunk A roads linking Western cities and the Midwest to the East and south and the far northern regions of Nigeria.

Truckers and busses stop over to refuel and ease themselves. Prostitution is rife in the area and is fed by droves of poor girls, most of whom are still minors, moving out from their remote villages in search of a better life and support for their poor families. Some were either lured unwillingly or forcefully by family members or friends while others were contracted by innkeepers at a wage.

Therefore, it is not surprising that it appears as one of the key hot spots of high rate of HIV infection on the national scale compared to other similar locations of its kind along the Northern Road, such as Uboloafor, Oturkpo, Laffia, Lokoja, etc.

Our Mission was and still is to reach the immediate communities around these hot spots as we grow and expand nationally and internationally.

Mercy Funds is the financial arm of the Nineveh project, set up to address specific social issues and pressing needs in whole communities that are covered by our organization.

Such issues include the question of orphans who are most often left with either a financially handicapped grandparent(s) or with relatives who already have more than their fair share of troubles of their own and usually overwhelming needs and who do not care so much as to invest the necessary resources in the development of the child.

We are also dedicated to the provision of supports and aids to widows who most often are left with great responsibilities and very little resources with which to encounter them.

Our objective is to empower these women so as to be able to fend for themselves and eke out a decent living for their families.

Our capital base is built from generous donations from the trustees and gifts from friends all over the world.

We also encourage some of our volunteers (who most often are students or school leavers) to invest in the organization by footing the bill of some of their activities (transport fares to hospitals, prisons, schools and villages). And we are always ready to make up whatever is beyond their resources.

The Nineveh Project is organizing activities for children and youth, holding workshops for girls and women, providing help to orphans, and many other efforts to help the local populations in Africa. We invite you to email us at for more information about our missions programs and other opportunities to serve with us.

We invite you to contact us so a member of our team can talk with you more about the Nineveh Project and how we are working to better the lives of others. You can contact us by emailing

Your donations would assist us in continuing and expanding our influence and would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, Click Here