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We thank all those who have helped us change the lives of children and adults through their donations.


The Nineveh Project is looking to build an educational facility which will school many of the currently sponsored students and the local community. Our goal is to establish a state of the art, self sustaning educational institution that will give children who would otherwise be without opportunity a quality education so they can succeed and then pass that success to their communities.

The first phase of building is estimated at a cost of $39,555 to begin education for Nursery 1, 2, and 3 as well as Primary 1, 2, and 3. Construction will include the following elements:

  • 7 Classrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Administration Room
  • Teachers Conference Room
  • Storage Room

  • Birds-eye of Building Site

    Block A & B from inside

    Block A walkway

    Phase 1



    Square Meters



    Building Space


    € 22,261.50




    € 1694.91


    Green Lawn


    € 564.97


    Temporal Car Park


    € 282.49


    Temporal Sports Field


    € 197.74




    € 25001.61


    We invite you to contact us so a member of our team can talk with you more about the Nineveh Project and how we are working to better the lives of others. You can contact us by emailing

    The financial needs for the first phase of the eductional facility are listed above, including what exactly we will be accomplishing with the goal of $39,555.05. As you can see from the construction plans and school’s model, we have high hopes for where this can go and how it can effect these children and the future of their communities. Your donations towards this project would be much appreciated no matter how large or small as we look to achieve this.

    You are able to Donate Here