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We thank all those who have helped us change the lives of children and adults through their donations.


There is a very poor state of hygiene and cleanliness across Nigeria and other HIV/AIDS affected countries in Central and Eastern Africa, especially in rural areas. Many problems rise from harmful traditional and ancient cultural practices that have been passed down for generations. Harmful materials are not disposed of properly and often end up polluting farmlands and water supplies where families get their food and water.

We are strongly committed to educating families on basic and practical quotidian hygiene. We also equip and teach communities how to respond more constructively to inevitable changes and the necessity to dispense of ancient cultural practices with repercussive effects. We provide community programs about simple and healthy family practices.

  • Educating families on practical quotidian hygiene
  • Holding programs about pollution and conservation <
  • Teaching communities to get rid of harmful cultural practices

  • The Nineveh Project is organizing activities for children and youth, holding workshops for girls and women, providing help to orphans, and many other efforts to help the local populations in Africa. We invite you to email us at for more information about our missions programs and other opportunities to serve with us.

    We invite you to contact us so a member of our team can talk with you more about the Nineveh Project and how we are working to better the lives of others. You can contact us by emailing

    Your donations would assist us in continuing and expanding our influence and would be greatly appreciated. If you would like to donate, Click Here